French Twist

SherrieJD has re-worked and re-released her original debut kit French Twist!  This little Parisian masterpiece has been cleaned and polished for your scrapbooking or art journaling pleasure. You can find it only at





January 2nd, 2012

Zombie apocalypse is still not upon us…however work apocalypse is!  Getting woken up early in the morning because my new boss is frankly pretty inept wasn’t a good way to start the day.  However, it did “inspire” me…to journal.

Hope everyone’s day starts off in a better way than mine.



Welcome 2012

Alright, so I don’t blog much…shame on me. But regardless, this is a new year! and a new me!!!!!! And granted, I probably still won’t blog much cause I suck at this….but hey…I’ll try. Starting off the new year with my resolutions (which I’m really hoping to keep, lololol).

Resolutions 2012

I suppose I forgot to add my 6th resolution on there…which is to not become fodder when the zombie apocalypse happens :)

Anyway, Happy new year everyone! may 2012 be a good one for all of us.



Grand Opening Sale!!

SherrieJD has moved house to ScrapbookGraphics and she’s having a huge Grand Opening sale going on now! Do not miss it!!


Last chance sales

Just a friendly reminder that sherrie jd is having a goodbye sale at deviant scrap. Not all of her items will be going to scrapbookgraphics so if there is something you have your eyes on, now is a good time to pick it up. 30% off everything in the store!  Dont miss out!

Trying out something new

I finally joined the world and got a smart phone! So posting should be more simple now.

In ct news some very exciting news from sherrie very soon!

This concludes my test post more later.

New at DeviantScrap!

Miss SherrieJD and Tangie Baxter get together again for another fabulous art doll collection.  This week they bring you Flora Finery!  Filled with flowers and birds and all matter of awesome quirkiness!  It’s on sale right now, don’t miss out on this one!



I’ll be playing with it tonight, so will have a quirky sample of this lovely kit a bit later. :D  It’s gorgeous though!



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